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Spine Care Medical Instruments

Spine Care Medical Instruments is the leading company providing all types of Massage chairs and Equipment. We are well known in the industry as the leading Manufacturer and Supplier of all types of Spine Care Equipments. We combine Modern technology with advanced design to Manufacture massage machines. We are in the Industry for more than 10 years and through the span of years, our product has been termed as the best product. We want to cure every individual that has been suffering from any type of spine-related aid and to turn out this dream into reality; we offer a wide range of Massage Equipment. Our wide range of Equipements including-3D Massage Chair, 4D Massage Chair, Massage Bed and Automatic Thermal Massage Bed etc.
We are the largest and foremost Manufacturer of massage Equipments in various Cities of India. Major Cities where we offer our Services are Chennai, Bangalore, Coimbatore Our various products such as- Eye Massager, Smart Eye Massager, Neck Massager, Back Massager and Lower Back Massager are always been in huge demand. Spine Care Medical Instruments values our Client’s Health more than anything; we know how much Injury equipment is necessary for an injured individual and

Our Vision is to expand our Services all over the country, especially in rural areas where Spine Care Aids are more necessary as rural areas lack resources for Medical Aids. We want to deliver our product to every patient that has been suffering from any kind of Spine related aid. We are currently the largest Manufacturer and Supplier in various Cities but our Top Vision is to be the Top most Manufacturer and Supplier of Spine care Equipment in India and later in various Countries. We have a huge client base for our various products such as- Massage Chair, Full Body Massage Chair, and Zero Gravity Massage Chair etc.



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