Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Spine Care Medical Instruments

Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Model No VS-985R

Spine Care Medical Instruments is a trusted Zero Gravity Massage Chair Manufacturers in Delhi. Get rid of your daily work stress by taking a Massage session in our Zero Gravity Massage Chair. We Manufacture multi-functional Massage Chair that will improve circulation, reduce arthritis pain and even ease the symptoms of varicose veins. In our Zero Gravity Massage Chair, you can recline back to the neutral body position. Our Zero Gravity Massage Chair offers massage therapy. We are termed as the market leader in offering all types of massage chairs and our Full Body Massage Chair is the leading product that tops the market and becomes everyone’s favourite because of its Multi-functionality and user friendly interface.

As a top Zero Gravity Massage Chair Manufacturer in Noida,India. It is a lay down massage chair machine that converts horizontally up to 160 degrees in order to give individual a position to take rest. We also offer various massage Equipments and Devices such as- Calf massager, Body Massage Mattress, Massage Bed Mattress, Full Body Massage Mattress, Our Zero Gravity Massage Chair has various system settings that you can manually change per your need. We have all types and requirements of massage Equipments as per client’s requirements. Our Products are manufactured to fulfill the requirement of individual using it


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