5D Massage Chair

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5D Massage Chair

Model No VS-989
Spine Care Medical Instruments is the finest 5D Massage Chair Manufacturers in Delhi. A 5D massage chair is a high-tech massage chair designed to provide a customized, therapeutic massage experience. Our 5D massage technology uses a combination of rollers and airbags to simulate various massage techniques, such as kneading, tapping, and rolling, along with adjustable intensity and speed settings to create a personalized massage that meets individual needs.

We are the most premium 5D Massage Chair Manufacturers in New Delhi, and they are designed to provide relief from stress and tension in the body. The chair's advanced technology helps to relax muscles and relieve tension, making it an ideal option for those who suffer from chronic pain, back pain, or any other type of muscle-related issues. The chair is suitable for people of all ages, and it is an effective way to combat the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle. With regular use, a 5D massage chair can improve blood circulation, reduce muscle tension, and increase flexibility.

We are the advanced 5D Massage Chair Manufacturers in India. Our 5D massage chairs feature a variety of massage programs that are designed to target specific areas of the body in fact it consists of 10 massaging modes. The chairs also come with various features, such as heat therapy, AI interaction, Bluetooth connectivity, wireless charging for smartphone and LED lighting, which enhance the massage experience and takes it to a whole another level.



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This works great for massages. I was more interested in the heat. It only stays on about 20 minutes. I think I should have just bought a big heating pad.


This product was great for the first month or a little more, however the bottom vibration part stopped working.


It is a great massager but we wish it would stay on longer than 10 mins. Our previous version would stay on up to 30 mins and we could control the time.


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