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Full Body Massage Chair

Model No VS-988

Spine Care Medical Instruments is a leading Full Body Massage Chair Manufacturers in Delhi. A good massage can help you increase your concentration level and makes you ready for the next continuous work. We manufacture multi-Functional Full Body massage chairs that are designed to provide pain relief and relaxation, without any help from the human individual. It means you can get yourself a soothing massage therapy all alone. Just like it sounds easy it is more than that. We are the market leader in all types of massage chairs and our Zero Gravity Massage Chair is the leading product that tops the market and becomes everyone’s favourite.

As a top Full Body Massage Chair Manufacturer in New Delhi,India. Get a complete massage Therapy Session at the Comfort of your Home. Our 2D Massage Chair is a complete massage setup that works on full body and gives immense pleasure to the Individual. Its adaptive Power System smartly calculates the body movement and requirement and increases or decreases the power according to it. You can manually change the setting of the massage chair as per your need. We have all types and requirements of massage Machines as per clients requirements. We have Crazy fit massager that helps the individual to remove excess body fat and make their body slim and attractive. We have Massage Bed Mattress that gives healing to your body while you sleeps.


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Some words from our costumers

As someone who spends long hours working from home, I was constantly dealing with backaches and stiffness.

Rajesh G. - Mumbai, Maharashtra

"As a fitness enthusiast, my body often experiences muscle soreness. Spine Care Medical Instruments massage bed has been a game-changer in my recovery routine.

Ankit M. - Ahmedabad, Gujarat

"Living in a fast-paced city like Bengaluru, stress is a constant companion. But thanks to Spine Care Medical Instruments massage chair, I have found a way to unwind and relax every day.

Priya S. - Bengaluru, Karnataka

"I was initially hesitant about buying a massage chair, but after trying out Spine Care Medical Instruments chair at a friend's place, I was amazed. The chair's quality and performance surpassed my expectations.

Ravi K. - Delhi, NCR

"After trying out several massage beds, I was amazed at the quality and features of Spine Care Medical Instruments massage bed. The zero-gravity position is incredibly comfortable, and the massage sessions have been therapeutic for my chronic back pain. It's like having a spa in the comfort of my home!"

Nisha S. - Bengaluru, Karnataka

"I bought Spine Care Medical Instruments massage chair for my elderly parents, and it's been a blessing for them. The chair's gentle massage has helped ease their joint pain and improve their mobility. I feel reassured knowing they have this incredible source of relaxation and therapy at home."

Vikram D. - Chennai, Tamil Nadu

"After a stressful day at work, coming home to my Spine Care Medical Instruments massage bed is pure bliss. The various massage modes and the ability to adjust intensity levels according to my preference is fantastic. It's like having my personal spa retreat whenever I want."

Kriti B. - New Delhi, Delhi

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