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Eye Massager

Spine Care Medical Instruments is a trusted Eye Massager Manufacturers in Delhi. We care for your precious eyes and wanted to offer you a perfect Eye Massager that makes your eyes stay in a good health. Our Eye Massager stimulates the points around the eyes and accelerates blood circulation. Our Eyes Massager helps to reduce Eye wrinkles and enhances skin elasticity. Not only limited to these benefits, Our Calf Massager also eliminates Eye bags and removes dark circles which were caused by insufficient sleep and poor blood circulation.

As a top Eye Massager Manufacturer in New Delhi. The eyes are the most delicate and important part of every individual and our eyes need special care and comfort to stay in good health. We are one stop destination for every massage Equipment Requirement. We have massage equipment for every individual body aid. Our massage Equipments includes- Eye Massager, Smart Eye Massager, Neck Massager, Back Massager, Lower Back Massager, etc. Our goal is to bring innovation in Healthcare Industries with our Multi-Functional Massage Equipments and we are more than proud to say that with the help of our Premium products especially Eye Massager, many patients got immense relief and comfort from their Eye Pain.

Being a leading Eye Massager Suppliers and Traders in India. Not only our Eye massager helps to remove Eye tiredness, but it also removes dark circles around the eyes making it more elegant and attractive. That is why our 3D Massage Chair is not only used by Individuals but also from Beauty parlours and saloons.


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Some words from our costumers

This works great for massages. I was more interested in the heat. It only stays on about 20 minutes. I think I should have just bought a big heating pad.


This product was great for the first month or a little more, however the bottom vibration part stopped working.


It is a great massager but we wish it would stay on longer than 10 mins. Our previous version would stay on up to 30 mins and we could control the time.


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